Reyna Lupin

- Minor
- Straight
- Half-Blood
- Taurus
- White Mare Patronus
- Beechwood wand; Phoenix feather core; 12.5"; pliant flexibility
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music, Singing, Daydreaming, Photography
Likes: Rainy days, Coffee, Tea, The library, Animals, Music, Books, Storms

Hufflepuff & Proud

Marauder's Era

- Remus Lupin's younger sister
- Has scars on her left arm from when he once attacked her as a wolf
- Excels at Charms and CoMC


Golden Trio Era

- Adopted daughter of Remus Lupin
- Unknown blood status
- Natural talent for Potions and has some of the top grades despite Snape's attempts at sabotaging her


Modern Times

- Daughter of Teddy Lupin
- Metamorphmagus
- Best class is DADA
- Has a golden retriever puppy named Charlie


Go Badgers!

Student ID Templates

I had quite a few people who seemed interested in these when I mentioned them so I decided to put them on here where anyone could use them.
Yellow: Hufflepuff
Blue: Ravenclaw
Green: Slytherin
Red: Gryffindor
Brown: House neutral

House of Hufflepuff


- No mature content
- I'd greatly prefer for you to have a starter if you are the one requesting to roleplay
- Let me know before we start if you have triggers
- I don't always get on regularly or frequently
- Owl me or post on my if you'd like to roleplay
-Please don't kill or control my character unless you have asked me first
- Let me know if you'd like to stop the roleplay at any point. I won't be upset.